texting meaning

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What are some common texting symbols and.

Meaning of Exclamation Point in a.

List of SMS Abbreviations - Meaning of.
Emotions those Yellow faced icons, you see on internet or texts. Theyre many other faces too in symbol or sideways like a smile regular smile :) a wink ;) tongue out
<3 = heart ^^ = above rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing nm = nothing much lmao = laugh my *** off ty = thank you yw = your welcome lol = laugh out loud whats

Texting Girls - Interpreting the Hidden. What does ugh mean in texting - What is.
28.02.2008 · Best Answer: its a smiley face :) happy :( sad ;) wink ^_^ asian form of :) :P stick out tongue :D really big smile ;Pwink and stick out tongue ;D wink and

The texting shorthand dictionary: The meaning of lol, lmao, rotfl, fdl, rofl, lmfao, gtg, ttyl, imao, ttfn,what it means What is the meaning of :D when texting.
09.01.2013 · Texting Girls - Interpreting the Hidden Meaning in What Girls Text You Back. By John R Cliff

Text message online dictionary search. What is the meaning of the texting.
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  • The texting shorthand dictionary: The.

List of SMS Abbreviations - Meaning of Texting Words Symbols. Here is a list of the most commonly used im, sms abbreviations while texting or chatting.
This is on the "All Messages" screen when I'm texting and only occurs for one particular person. It's in gray (no color) and has been
Text Texting Girls - Interpreting the Hidden.
I would like to help you with your question. However it is not very clear just what you are asking . I will assume that you are asking about the word "ugh!".

texting meaning

texting meaning


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